Based on his actions, her vote is for Satti

In the late 1980s, I was recently divorced and the sole provider for my children, one of whom was still in day care. Working parents will understand my distress when it was announced that day care centers in New London were being closed due to federal cuts. A protest was quickly organized and one of the first people to call to offer his help was Bill Satti who, although he had no children in the program, showed up the day of the march and even went so far as to carry my preschooler (thank God!) almost a mile to Waller Day Care on Riverview Avenue.

But Bill wasn't through helping as he called members of our congressional delegation on behalf of the parents whose lives were to be so affected by the proposed closing of the day care programs. The centers were not closed and I, along with many other parents, were grateful for Bill's tireless efforts in supporting us.

When deciding who to vote for, I look at what I know a person has done for people, his history, and not at empty campaign promises. I urge everyone to join me in voting for Bill Satti for state Senate on Aug. 12.

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