Summer Preparations at Branford Public Schools

With summer in high gear and the last school year a fading memory, the district is preparing for the next school year. Typically, the public does not associate July and August as a busy time for the school system. Rather, families find their children keeping them busy as summer hits high gear. While families recharge their batteries, the district's custodial/maintenance staff are busy maintaining and cleaning buildings. In addition to the flurry of building activity, the teaching/administrative staff participates in curriculum and instructional work.

For example, more than 40 teachers will be trained in the Writer's Workshop by staff from Columbia University. The Summer Scholars program commenced on July 28. The program's goal is to enhance the literacy skills of young students. This year marks the program's second year and we are excited that approximately 90 students will participate. In addition to the Summer Scholars, the district's School-Age Child Care (SACC) and local YMCA offer fun and interesting activities for our children.

New to our community this summer is the district's Summer Meals program. The Summer Meals program is a United States Department of Agriculture program that services children 18 and under by providing a free breakfast and lunch at either Tisko Elementary School or Branford High School. The program is available to any child as long as the age requirement is met. The district/community partnership effort resulted in more than 2,000 meals being served in the first nine days of the program. Truly an amazing number!

During the summer break, the board/administrative team worked on the Strategic Success Plan, with the focus being the district's vision, mission, and the pathways to create a culture of excellence. The district's motto proudly states: Today's Learners, Tomorrow's Leaders. This simple and meaningful statement serves as an anchor for our work. At the Wednesday, Aug. 27 Board of Education meeting, held in the lower media center of the high school, an overview on the committee's progress will be presented.

Summer would not be complete without mentioning the school calendar. In the digital age, pre-printed calendars are not as useful as a digital calendar. This year the flip-calendar will not be published; rather, the calendar can be accessed via our website This improvement prevents confusion caused by pre-printed calendars, as dates and times are subject to change and of course, the weather at time impacts our calendar, as witnessed in recent years.

As quickly as the dog days of summer arrive, they pass, and the next school year starts. What appears to happen in blink of an eye actually is a culmination of planning that ends with more than 3,000 students entering school on the 28th of August.

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