Fear of non-whites fuels right's agenda

In a recent letter, "Obama aids invasion and guilty of treason," (July 24), the author spouts the typical right-wing nationalist rhetoric against the president, quoting the "Aid and Comfort" and "States Protection" clauses of the U.S. Constitution. It is not uncommon for this "Charter of Freedom" to be held up as a Holy edict from God, not unlike the Koran, the King James Bible, or any number of spiritual guides created by man in his search for meaning and reason to his existence.

And Like the Bible, our Constitution is often interpreted to mean whatever we want it to, to justify our beliefs and actions. I am shocked, though, that in 2014 someone would believe the president of the United States is constitutionally bound to prevent the "transmuting of ethnicity" as the letter infers. The fear that an influx of non-white immigrants will change the balance of American politics is at the core of this belief.

The changing demographics, especially in the southern border states, has the conservative right very concerned, passing laws designed to harrass and terrorize the immigrant populations from Central America. These echo the same irrational fears that led to Jim Crow in the post Civil-War South. Latino Apartheid? If the hood fits, wear it.

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