Trying to avoid taxes is just good business

President Obama's recent interview on CNBC regarding "Tax inversion" activities by some multinational businesses shows again how out of touch he is with our society and economy. He stated that it was unpatriotic for companies to avoid taxes by these completely legal restructuring tools and he implied that they should be paying more taxes for the good of the country.

Every company should certainly pay every legitimate tax required. To pay anything beyond that, however, is a disservice to the shareholders who own the company in the form of their shares. This is what capitalism means, Mr. President. Those who work, save, and want to invest for the future buy shares in companies, or in IRA's, or 401-k's and become the owners of a share of future profits. Their employees, the corporate executives, owe their best efforts to the business owners to minimize expenses (e.g. taxes) and maximize returns to the owners.

If you want to be more patriotic, don't take all the deductions you are allowed when you file your personal tax returns. With leadership like Obama's it is little wonder that our economy and job growth are so sluggish. He is the least business friendly president in the last 50 years and I think he's proud of it.

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