Ed Board member's bizarre views alarming

This is in reference to the letter, "Obama aids invasion and guilty of treason," (July 24). The ridiculous conspiratorial claims in the letter by David P. Kenney are not worthy of a response; however, it does provide a good lesson in the importance of voting in all elections - including the odd-year local elections which tend to have embarrassingly low turnout.

One thing that the The Day failed to mention is that the letter's author is also an elected Republican member of the Waterford Board of Education. While I do not know the author or have anything against him personally, I do find it very troubling that someone with such a bizarre perspective has been given the responsibility, by the voters, to make decisions affecting the education of our town's children.

If you agree, please keep this in mind, pay attention to the issues, and, although it's over a year away, be sure to vote in the 2015 municipal election. Also, I think it is important to remember that the author received the nomination and full support of the local Republican Party; one would be hard-pressed to find a local Democratic candidate with comparably ridiculous views.

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