Of course Carter does not deserve supt. job

The letter, "Critics fire at Carter from glass houses," (July 29), is another example of the mentality that has driven our country to the brink of disaster! It seems like we never learn from our mistakes and that's why our country is in such a state of chaos. How much more do we have to learn about Carter's lies, plagiarisms, and misleading statements before it becomes obvious that he is not the type of person to lead the New London school system or any other school system for that matter?

These character flaws are all indicators of a person who cannot be trusted. The letter writer states that "we hold people to too high a standard." Is he serious? If we did, we would have a different president. And to suggest that Mr. Carter be given a chance is ludicrous. This is not about "judging someone else," Mr. Shea. It's the candidate review process that any responsible organization should do prior to hiring key personnel for a high level position. I'm sure the New London school board will do what's best for the children in New London and continue the search for a properly qualified candidate.

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