Don't try negative ads on this voter

With election season coming into swing, I received a letter today from the chairman of a local political committee. My response is an open letter to all voters and candidates of any affiliation. Don't threaten me with this or that if the "other" candidate or party wins. I will not be swayed by fear-based tactics. In fact, I will not vote for you or your candidate if this is your strategy. Don't criticize or condemn anyone's viewpoints or beliefs. They are just as valid as your own.

Labels don't matter, Democrat, Republican or Independent; who the candidate is as a human beings does. Do they care, seek to understand and respect everyone? These are the only questions that matter.

I will vote for whoever creates common ground that serves the greater good of our well-being and dignity as human beings.

The only way we will make progress and move forward is through cooperation and collaboration.

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