Alternative water plan for Montville High

Citizens of Montville, don't be fooled by Brian Lynch, WPCA finance administrator, and Tim May, chairman of the WPCA and Democratic councilor.

They are pushing for a $7 million water line from Route 32 up Route 163 to the high school. They are trying to sell the project on the premise that it will open up the door for more commercial development.

As a past zoning officer of Montville, I know there is very little commercial land along Route 163 that has potential for development. Most of the land that is zoned industrial or commercial has residential homes on the property and wetlands that cannot be developed.

This is a special interest project only to benefit a few and not the town as a whole. SCWA gave a presentation to the school board and said it could supply water to the high school for $53,000. Why on earth are these two pushing to spend $7 million instead of $53,000? The high school only needs drinking water.

When this goes to referendum, vote to stop another tax increase that once again has no benefit to Montville.

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