Devin critic unfair, best choice for 23rd

The recent letter, "How about details, candidate Carney?," (July 30), about the candidacy and qualifications of Devin Carney, plays fast and loose with the facts. A careful read of Devin's literature and an introduction to Devin will make you realize that he is a successful businessman, an entrepreneur, a civic minded citizen, and a candidate who is and will listen to his electorate.

Devin's opponent, as a Board of Education member, was the only person to vote "no" against beefing up front door access security at Lyme-Old Lyme elementary schools. Additionally, she sat silent by acquiescing to the district's implementation of the controversial Common Core. And how about her vote to close the recently renovated (at great expense) Center School on Lyme Street despite strong and widespread parent and community opposition? She does not deserve our support.

The single biggest issue in vetting a candidate is this: Can I trust this candidate and will they listen to me. I strongly believe that Devin passes on both counts. He has my vote on Aug. 12 in the 23rd House District Republican primary.

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