Maybe Day should do Board of Ed's research

New evidence of plagiarism on the part of Terrence P. Carter in his quest for the position of superintendent of New London schools has not dimmed my ardor to see him get the job. All it does is make my work to earn my B.S. degree in Industrial Education - back in the day before widespread use of personal computers and the dawning of the Internet - shine the brighter.

My question is this: Why did the New London Board of Education waste $16,000 on professional head hunters when all they had to do was approach The Day? Now that Dr. Carter (I, for one, grant him his Ph.D.) is in the state, much less in New London, his obvious talents should not be wasted. He should be made director of Amistad America.

P.S.: Portions of the preceding were plagiarized from the 4th edition of Wester's New World College Dictionary. The paper copy, I might add.

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