Do-nothing, sue-for-nothing GOP House

For Republicans this was going to be the summer of the Benghazi hearings and we were finally going to get to the bottom of this administration's cover-up.

Heard anything?

This 113th Congress, which is headed to be the least productive in history, has decided to sue our president! The premise of this lawsuit is laughable, since they are suing for something they wanted the president to do. As far as I know no one can sue someone, unless they are injured. I guess it is easier to sue than to do something of consequence, like pass a bill.

As a law-abiding citizen, the House of Representatives has injured me; therefore I am going to sue them. They have not passed a gun protection law. Shouldn't we as American citizens demand something be done? Do we stoop as low as Speaker Boehner and the House and sue? We certainly have a much better case.

Aren't we tired of this endless bickering and name calling of our president? My simple response to Boehner and the House: suck it up; Obama is our president through 2016. Meanwhile, do something, work with the Senate, pass a bill. It is why you are in Washington.

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