Fusion episode shows just how little Foley has to offer

I could only shake my head in disgust as I read the article, "Foley's Fusion fiasco may leave a mark," (Aug. 3), about Tom Foley calling a press conference in front of what he thought was the Fusion Paperboard building in Sprague on July 29.

Hey Tom, couldn't you wait until at least the body was cold before becoming a predator? The most cold-hearted, amusing aspect to this story is that he was in front of the wrong building. Good move, Tom.

Tom Foley is a wealthy, corporate Greenwich resident who doesn't seem to give a damn about eastern Connecticut. He also doesn't seem to care about employees based on his wonderful handling of a company he bought in Bibb, Ga., where all employees lost their jobs.

Tom Foley can be summed up by his response to a question from Fusion Paperboard Logistics Director Michael D'Auria. D'Auria asked Foley what he had to offer and Foley answered by stating what he wouldn't have done.

That's not an answer Tom; the question was, "what do you have to offer." Apparently nothing since all you can do is say what you wouldn't do or wouldn't have done.

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