Lanier the better choice in 23rd District

Vicki Lanier is the better choice for Republican voters when we vote for our candidate to be state representative of the 23rd District in the Aug. 12 primary.

She was elected to the Lyme/Old Lyme School Board. She owns a successful small business and is a family law attorney who interfaces with many state agencies. She is a fourth generation resident of Old Lyme and is a lifelong Republican who has voted consistently in municipal and state/federal elections. In short, Vicki is the real deal and her experience will enable her to be an effective voice for us in Hartford.

Contrast this record with that of her opponent. He has not been elected to any political office, he changed his party affiliation in July 2010 and he has changed his voting address three times in the last two years (from Saybrook to Essex to Westbrook and back to Saybrook). His voting record shows he did not vote in three of the last four municipal elections.

Given Vicki's experience and strong credentials, we can depend on her to competently represent us in Hartford. Please join me in voting for Vicki on Aug. 12.

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