Carney is by and of the 23rd District

I've lived in Old Lyme for all 19 years of my life, and I've always imagined coming back after college.

However, when I look at the average starting salary for college graduates and compare it to the living costs of the town I grew up in, I find the numbers incompatible.

Devin Carney is running for representative of my town, as well as the towns of Lyme, Old Saybrook and parts of Westbrook. Carney's family has lived in the area for three generations, and Devin is the only candidate for our district endorsed by incumbent Marilyn Giuliano. These strong ties to the past are as important as his vision of the future.

He understands what I and every other graduate of the local schools face, because he was one of us. He sees the potential in our district and wants to cultivate it.

Lowering taxes and spending will make it possible for me to live in Old Lyme and give back to the town that has given me so much. I urge the people of the 23rd District to vote for Devin Carney -for our neighbors, for our families, for our future.

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