Grant awarded for Benedict Arnold festival

Department of Economic and Community Development has awarded Flock Theatre a $25,000 historic preservation grant to help fund a festival on Sept. 5 and 6 in New London that rekindles the city's post-Revolutionary tradition of burning Benedict Arnold's effigy.

Flock has matched the grant, and with $6,000 of in-kind contributions, has $44,000.

"We're really excited to fund this," said Todd Levine, a historian with the State Historic Preservation Office. "It's an outside of the box way of preserving history through the arts."

On Sept. 5, the Shaw Mansion and Hempsted House will be the site of plays, re-worked this year by writer Charles Traeger. Flock actors step into the lives of real New Londoners from Benedict Arnold's time period and roam the grounds in character. The burning of Arnold's effigy will take place on Sept. 6.


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