Access Health CT reports drop in state's uninsured

Access Health CT, the state’s online health care exchange, announced today that new research shows that the state’s uninsured rate has dropped by 50 percent since 2012.

Research conducted by Access Health CT indicates that figure has now dropped to 4 percent, down from 7.9 percent in 2012. The 2012 figure is attributed to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the exchange said in a news release.

Figures also show that of the 256,666 residents who signed up for health insurance through the exchange, approximately 53 percent, or 138,834, were uninsured at the time of enrollment.

“These numbers highlight Connecticut’s success in coming together to find ways to provide quality, affordable health care to those who previously didn’t have it,” Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said. “There’s still work to be done in terms of driving the uninsured rate even lower, but we’re making significant progress and we’re moving in the right direction.”

The research entailed contacts with more than 2,500 people who enrolled in health care coverage through Access Health CT during the 2014 open enrollment. The survey was designed to help Access Health CT better understand the overall impact that open enrollment had on the rate of uninsured residents, as well as how consumers learned about the exchange and how they enrolled, the exchange said.

“Strong outreach efforts have enrolled nearly 140,000 people who didn’t have insurance — residents who can now get affordable medical care and live healthier lives,” said Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman, chairwoman of the Access Health CT Board of Directors.

Kevin Counihan, chief executive officer of Access Health CT, said Connecticut now has one of the lowest uninsured rates in the country.

Until open enrollment begins again on Nov. 15, residents will only be able to shop for coverage through Access Health CT under special circumstances, such as marriage, divorce, birth, adoption or loss of insurance coverage from an employer. For information about special enrollment, visit

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