Hopkins-Cavanagh tells the truth

In his July 30 column, "Fringe-hugger Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh was the best the GOP could do?" David Collins suggests that Cavanagh is unqualified to run.

Cavanagh is outspoken well educated, and tells the truth as she knows it. She's a strong Constitutionalist. As a successful businesswoman she knows the area. She shares the majority of voters concerns. She opposes Common Core, out-of-control spending, wants real tax reform, and closed borders to illegals. She's outspoken and passionate. She will fight for small government, fiscal responsibility, and real transparency, and is someone who has the courage to tell it like it is.

Electric Boat and the area benefit from the Navy's decision to buy two submarines a year. The Navy decided based on the great work EB did showing the Navy $1 billion a year in savings. Credit for this belongs to EB and its people.

Rep. Joe Courtney has voted in lockstep with the administration. There has been no "recovery." You and I have lost $15,000 in purchasing power, with more losses to come. If you're tired of being taken here's a different candidate as an option. Isn't it time we have a real choice?

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