Ritter best candidate in 20th District

To East Lyme Democrats: Say "No" to Chairman Morris and the senate primary challenger.

What kind of back-room political strategies are they using?

Betsy Ritter was endorsed by the East Lyme Democratic Town Committee as well as in other towns of the 20th Senate District. Yet, East Lyme Chairman, Ed Morris uses committee stationery for his personal endorsing letter for the challenger, and the challenging candidate's own latest campaign mailer implies committee support.

These examples indicate a willingness to bend the rules to serve personal purposes. They suggest why both men may be becoming the worst type of public servants.

Why would we knowingly elect anyone who has allowed his name to be used with an endorsed innuendo? I may be na´ve, but hopefully, the voting public expects a candidate to continue to address issues, not resort to gimmicks.

Betsy Ritter has a respected reputation and a strong House track record of accomplishments for her constituents. The experiences of working in the legislative environment, not only local elections, will have her elected, squarely on her honorable feet, ready to work on behalf of the 20th Senate District.

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