Betsy Ritter has served her district well

I have served in the General Assembly with State Rep. Betsy Ritter for 10 years. We worked closely together on many issues, but in particular Public Health issues.

As chair of that committee, her command of the complexities of health care policy was impressive. Her ability to reach a consensus representing all viewpoints was also impressive. You knew when Betsy was bringing a bill out on the floor that she would have every fact in hand.

She and I have worked diligently on local issues and focused on getting our part of the state the attention it deserves. As many of our area legislators are now in leadership we have been able to team up and get stuff done.

Finally, as a deputy speaker Betsy is in charge of "screening" bills. As there are a ton of bills proposed, it is her and her committee's job to winnow them down to the most relevant and important bills and get them going to the right Committee. She is a master of the process.

Although I hate to lose her in her current position, I can't think of a better person to follow in Sen. Andrea Stillman's footsteps.

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