Lanier has same qualities as Giuliano

For a seamless transition to elect a new state representative in the 23rd District, Republican voters should consider the similarities between the retiring Marilyn Giuliano and Vicki Lanier when voting Aug. 12.

Both are longtime Republicans with experience in elected office before running for state representative. Vicki was treasurer on Region 18 Board of Education; Marilyn was vice chair of the Old Saybrook Board of Finance.

Both are working mothers who balanced demands of parenthood, work and volunteerism with their public service; Vicki is partner in her law firm, Marilyn is a public school employee.

Both devote time to community outreach; Vicki mentors women in need; Marilyn lent time to public health and housing. Both gave time and effort to PTO and Scouts.

In an ironic twist, both Giuliano and Lanier did not emerge with their party's endorsement. Twelve years ago, Marilyn won her primary. Given the similar strengths and experience that both Vicki and Marilyn possess, please vote for Vicki Lanier on Aug. 12.

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