Editorial on Obama was inconsistent on terrorists

I found a disturbing irony in your editorial, "It's time for some drama from Obama," (July 28). In one paragraph, you bemoan that Obama did not respond firmly enough to the Israeli leadership in regards to "Israel's excessive military response to Hamas missile launches" and then are critical of Obama for not having a clear enough plan "for countering the alarming sweep of the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant across Syria and Iraq," noting its "potential to serve as a breeding ground for attacks in Europe and the United States."

I share your concern about the threat posed by ISIS to all Western interests, but think that you are missing some of the big picture regarding the current crisis between Israel and Hamas in Gaza when you do not see that Hamas is seeking to eliminate the State of Israel and establish a Muslim society in all of Palestine.

Israel cannot lose this war. I fear for Jews, Christians and Western democratic values if such a state were allowed to be established in the land between the Jordan River and the sea. Israel is taking the very firm stance that you wish Obama would take.

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