Care for corn? Send us your recipes

The buzz among local farmers and gardeners is that this is a particularly good year for corn. Perhaps you've heard the same. According to the USDA, farmers are poised to produce a record-breaking corn harvest this year, and on Tuesday it raised its estimate of this year's corn harvest to 14 billion bushels. (Last year's harvest brought in 13.9 billion bushels.)

Thanks to a mild summer and farming techniques that extend the corn-growing season, we've got a whole lot more of that very good corn to eat, and while it's perfectly lovely to roast it right on the cob, slathered in butter, fresh corn steals the show in a variety of preparations - from sweet corn ice cream, fritters and muffins to chowder, salsa, pudding and beyond. (See also: Jenna Cho's recipe for Mexican street corn salad in her blog, "Salt to Taste.")

So, join us in celebrating this year's sweet corn crop by sharing your favorite corn-centered recipes. We'll run as many as we can in an upcoming Daybreak section, and, ideally, make your dinner-menu-planning that much easier while the corn continues to roll in. Send recipes to


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