Field of Dreams at OSHS

Dump trucks were delivering rocks and fill material to the site of Old Saybrook High School's new synthetic turf field late last month. A steady stream of trucks could be seen entering and then leaving the field site from Ingham Hill Road. Front-loading equipment then spread out of the field fill materials into even layers.

The future artificial turf athletic field at Old Saybrook High School has been constructed in layers. At the bottom is an engineered drainage layer that absorbs and directs storm water away from the playing surface. The layers of fill above it provide cushioning and support for the playing surface's synthetic carpet that, at the end of the process, is stretched and secured over the base layers.

With a good drainage system in place, most synthetic turf athletic fields remain playable even after a storm event that dumps several inches of rain on the field in a single day.

The voters approved $1.2 million in September 2013 to install a new artificial turf athletic field at the high school and $250,000 to replace the aging running track that ringed the old football field.



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