Doctor who fired gun was a real hero

Kudos to Dr. Lee Silverman of the Darby, Penn. hospital who had the foresight and sense of self-preservation to, against hospital policy, arm himself with a licensed handgun. By doing so he saved his own life after being shot by a maniac who had just shot a female hospital worker while on a mindless rampage.

Both the hospital staff and the local police agreed that had Dr. Silverman not been armed and able to stop the shooter the death toll would have assuredly been much higher.

The hospital has thanked their resident hero and look forward to his return to work.

I sincerely hope this act will be food for thought for the people who may be well-intentioned but are totally out of contact with reality when it comes to logical gun laws. Try to insert yourselves into a scenario such as this; standing there helplessly waiting to live or die at the whim of some lunatic.

Would you truthfully not hope for someone carrying a legal gun to jump in and put an end to it, saving you or your loved ones?

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