Wistful recollections of timely meeting place

Recently, I telephoned Dave Sugrue, manager, Ocean Beach Park, about the memorable "Clock Tower" that once stood beautifully tall on the boardwalk. Sugrue informed me that the Clock Tower has been missed.

Frequently, I am reminded of the Clock Tower as a significant Ocean Beach Park memory. Beach goers used the phrase, "Meet me at the clock tower" when members of their group chose to go different ways - to the swimming pool, miniature golf, concessions - with a plan to reunite later at pre-determined time.

Also, many parents chose the Clock Tower as a safe and convenient meeting place should any child in their group become lost.

Unlike the current days - days of frantically rubbing on sunblock lotions, of text messaging family members with warnings about scorching themselves while sun worshipping on the beach all day, and of using cellular phones to determine the precise time by satellite transmission - the Ocean Beach Clock Tower represented a time in the park's history when life could be enjoyed at a relaxing pace; like a day at the beach.

Whatever happened to the Ocean Beach Clock Tower?

And what will it take to have beach goers meet at the Clock Tower once again?

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