Live Lunch Break Flashback - Josi Davis and Hot Damn!

Do you feel sad because you didn't see "Live Lunch Break" on Thursday in New London's Hygienic Art Park? We featured Josi Davis and Hot Damn! - which includes drummer David Brensilver and bassist Dan Solomons. Fortunately, we archive all of our "Live Lunch Break" episodes on, so it's not too late to see it. Here are fun things to see and watch for in the performance and interview.

• Davis discusses how attending the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center's Cabaret and Performance Conference several years back added a different template to her songwriting.

• In addition to playing several selections from her wonderful concept album, "The Evolution of Love," Davis premiered material from an upcoming new CD - and promises delivery of same by Valentine's Day 2015.

• You'll be able to figure out why Jimbo Morrison and Ray Manzarek are smiling in the Great Beyond.


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