Rick's List: Water emergency edition

Rick Koster offers weekly lists of ideas, notions and things that must be seen to be believed.

Anybody got any extra bottled water they're not using?

Yes, Thursday's here-comes-a-tornado!-level panic due to a rupture in a New London water line caused many paranoiac citizens like myself to react in quick and grandiose fashion. After all, early reports suggested we might not have running water until 2017.

Me? I commandeered a cargo van, went to the nearest supermarket and stocked up on case after case of bottled water. According to reports in this newspaper, many of you felt and acted similarly. What, then, are we to do on this day when Plumbing Order has been restored and the quarterly profit statements for Poland Springs, Evian and Dasani will soar like falcons?

1. Take all of your new water to the basement and stack it next to all of the water you bought and didn't use during Hurricane Sandy.

2. Mail the water to Texas, the Midwest or parts of the Mississippi River Valley where droughts are at historic levels. Uh, probably not COD.

3. Hand out bottled water for Halloween. Nothing makes a trick or treater happier - instead of candy - than something sensible like a piece of fruit, a religious tract or some cold water!


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