Great ballet performance a credit to the artists

Fortunately for me, I read The Day's article, "Beyond the 'Veil': Joseph Albano and Charles Frink revamp ballet," (Aug. 5), on the Albano Ballet Company's production of The Minister's Black Veil at Central Connecticut State University on Aug. 7, and was able to attend.

Based on a short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne, New London native and choreographer, Joseph Albano, and New London teacher and composer, Charles Frink, created an engrossing production highlighting exceptional dancers.

Albano credited his love of dance with his years at the American Dance Festival/Connecticut College, where he studied with Charles Weidman and Martha Graham. At the curtain call, Frink, Albano, and Julia Frederick, associate director of the company, joined the dancers on stage.

But the major artist was missing. Nathaniel Hawthorne, creator of this enigmatic and mysterious story, was elsewhere.

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