Global marketplace and hopes for peace

Today we find ourselves realizing that we are living on a planet where we are no longer independent countries economically, we all face the threat of global warming and we all have a vested interest in hastening education and stopping population growth in third-world countries, especially African.

Emerging economies led by China and India are projected to comprise over 50 percent of global GDP by 2020 while shares in global GDP of the European Union and United States will shrink. Private sectors in mixed market economies such as Russia, Brazil and China have resulted in elevating their poor and building middle class while promising a future of lowering of standards here in the U.S.

Global inequality in wealth and income, including here in the U.S., is at a high.

Multi-national companies glue together the globe. Owned by international stockholders, producing goods and services by people in many nations and selling them around the world.

We are the world community; countries must be trading partners and economic competitors, not allies and enemies. Our hope is that international trade will sustain peace on Earth and deliver its bounty to a world population as it stops growing.

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