Humans seek peace, but wage endless war

"As the winter of 1799 fades, it seems to Nelson that a dark corner had been turned. The wider political contex was brightened. The allied coalition had formed raggedly, in a piecemeal fashion. There was little overall strategy or a consensus about war aims."

(This quote was taken from the book: "Nelson, The Sword of Albion," by John Sugden.)

If this sounds like the conflict started by Bush in Iraq, and continued for a decade or more into Afghanistan by Obama, it is. The Nelson referred to was Admiral Horatio Nelson of the British Navy, who lost his life in the Battle of Trafalgar, 1805. We, like Nelson and the British, since our founding as a nation, have been fighting in one war or another. Is this the history of our planet? It is. One can select any time period, and find a war; yet "peace" is always sought. Why is the human race so deficient in grasping "lasting peace?"

We don't know how to end wars forever, because we are all flawed, and that includes the "global leaders" who believe they are not.

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