Making serious point about parody letter

I appreciate Mr. Peter Anderson's comments about the Canadian Catholics crossing the borders into our country, "Beware foreigners sneaking over the border," (Aug. 7).

"With no knowledge of our way of life they're mostly Roman Catholic and will answer to the Pope, not our laws or Constitution," he wrote.

If these people are truly Catholic then they will obey the laws of God and, very simply, Pope Francis, who represents the teachings of the Catholic Church, which are basically the two great commandments and the Ten Commandments. We must obey the laws of God and man.

What if the world did this? There would be no military forces because every person would love God and their neighbor as they love themselves. Following that there would be no need for any police forces.

As this has yet to happen, then people must follow the teachings of the Catholic Church as represented by Pope Francis. If these people are violating the law then that is not a reflection on God or Pope Francis. Give to God the things that are God's and to man the things that are man's.

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