Gazan people suffer under Hamas control

The tragic conflict between the Israelis and the inhabitants of Gaza has resulted in almost 2,000 Gazans killed and more than 63 Israelis. This is not a soccer game with unfairly matched competitors, but a war with real consequences. Why have so many been killed on one side and not the other? The answer is that while Israel was providing its citizens with warning signals and shelters, Hamas has used international funds meant for construction of schools, homes, and other civilian needs to build tunnels to infiltrate Israel and to murder its civilians. They have even used some of their funds to hire small children to work in the areas of tunnels where adults cannot go!

They have put deadly rockets in schools, mosques, and even in United Nations facilities. No sirens or shelters were provided for the people of Gaza.

The leaders of Hamas, safe in Qatar, express neither remorse nor regret for this oversight. Dead Gazans make for great PR. Shame on them!

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