Until Hamas goes peace will not arrive

There is no mention in Rev. Bruce Shipman's commentary, "Groton cleric reflects on generations of loss and dispossession," (Aug. 10 ), of over 3,000 Hamas rockets and mortars fired indiscriminately into Israel just since January with the sole intent of killing and maiming civilians. Also, no mention of terror tunnels burrowed into Israel for the export of Hamas killers.

The suffering of Palestinians has been greatly exacerbated by the cynical and cruel tactics of Hamas seeking to maximize civilian casualties for propaganda purposes. Locating offensive weaponry in heavily populated areas near schools, hospitals and residential neighborhoods has been a means to achieve "collateral damage."

Cease-fire agreements have been repeatedly violated by Hamas. No peace will ever be possible by negotiating with or appeasing evil. How did that work out for Neville Chamberlain? How can Israel be expected to negotiate with Islamic Nazis implacably intent on the annihilation of the Jewish state and citizens?

The best hope for Israel and the Palestinian people is the total destruction of Hamas. Only after Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan were forced into surrender was peace achieved. We had real leadership through those perilous times, unlike the present weak, incompetent regime that snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq.

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