Silly to get upset about some playful dogs

I write in regards to the Stonington family upset about neighborhood dogs.

Happiness is something everyone hopes to achieve, yet many have trouble realizing how to obtain it. So they act out in a manner to create something out of nothing. There are miserable people who are always complaining about anything and everything.

Instead of focusing on revenge to hurt an innocent animal - by using a stun device or placing a mixture that could sicken children, all to stop a pet that just wants to swim by - replace those evil feelings with the opposite thinking.

Many people will have a belief and will hold onto it even when contrary facts are presented to them. It seems clear that there are more things in life to be upset about, like how sad it is that many people of all ages have serious or terminal illnesses, about people dying, money problems, no home, etc.

It's so sad that it takes a tragedy in people's lives to make them realize what's really important in life and not to complain about ridiculous things. No one is perfect, people make mistakes.

Show compassion and you will benefit in the end.

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