Groton job situation better than reported

Perspective was lacking from the article headlined, "With 4,000 Groton jobs lost, Economic Development Commission stresses urgency," (Aug. 8).

The 4,000 job figure refers to an employment drop at Groton's top five job generators over the last 10 years. The same figure, comparing 2003 to 2012, appears in an August 2013 report for the committee that is updating the Plan of Conservation and Development.

Here's the bigger and slightly updated picture for the 10 years 2004 to 2013 (inclusive). Jobs in 2004 averaged 25,727, according to the state Department of Labor. The like figure for 2013 averaged 25,706. The period, which embraced the biggest economic shock since the Great Depression, saw a net overall loss of just 21 jobs. The diversifying economy has provided new jobs to take up slack among the top five. (See:

Figures apply to town and city and include all jobs covered by unemployment insurance.

Yes, Groton can use more jobs, but Groton is holding its own. It should maintain its nerve and resist current calls for lowering land-use standards. The Day should provide context for sound bites like "4,000 jobs lost."

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