Bring the Amistad home to Mystic Seaport

Almost 20 years ago while serving as a state representative, I had the privilege to work with Rep. William Dyson, House chairman of the Joint Committee on Appropriations, Chris Cox of the Mystic Seaport and members of the talented Seaport staff to begin the process of building the "Freedom Ship" Amistad.

Today, The Day reports once again on the sad story of how that once proud ship has been "hijacked" and mismanaged by Amistad America Inc., private individuals entrusted with its maintenance and care and by the State of Connecticut, "Amistad Floats on Red Ink," (Aug. 15).

It is past time for the governor, attorney general and legislature to take charge of the Amistad - by eminent domain if necessary - and return it to the Mystic Seaport. They built it. They care about it. They know how to manage it in a responsible manner.

If anyone doubts that the Seaport will be a proper custodian for Amistad, just look at how well they have managed the Charles W. Morgan and all the other ships in their custody.

It is time to bring Amistad home to Mystic now!

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