Ground drones until privacy is ensured

I am a 14-year-old Star Scout from a Boy Scout Troop in eastern Connecticut. I am writing for my Communications Badge.

I would like to discuss the future of drone use. It looks like Connecitcut will be one of the sixth top states to benefit by drone manufacturing. The Shelton based D-STAR Engineering Corporation has a $4.8 million contract to create a stealth drone propulsion system. With jobs, and tax revenues, this would be great for the state.

However, in Washington State, Gov. Jey Inslee vetoed a bill on regulation of drone use by government and police, passed by the legislature because there is a big problem with protection of privacy rights. There is a 15-month-moratorium on purchasing drones for anything other than emergency services.

I want to say that drones may be used for good, but for now should not be allowed due to privacy concerns. However, waiting 15 months to address the issue could be technologically damaging not just to Washington state, but the country.

I think they should be on top of this issue, not sweep it under the rug for another 15 months.

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