Huge deficit is evidence of a very sick country

Our national debt has increased by $7 trillion over the past six years. What does this tell us?

The unemployment rate has returned to 6.2 percent, last seen in Sept. 2008 at the start of the Great Recession, but there are 600,000 less people in our nation's workforce today compared to 2007; over 45 million people receive food stamps; the number of people depending on Social Security disability benefits is in the millions; over 45 percent of all health spending comes from the federal government up from 32 percent in 1990; "More people are forced to rely on food pantry," The Day (Aug. 18) - in short over 50 million Americans depend on taxpayer-supported programs.

The modern day soup line is a check in the mail.

A recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found that despite the steady pace of hiring in recent months, 76 percent of adults lack confidence that their children's generation will have a better life than they do, an all-time high. Some 71 percent of adults think the country is on the wrong track, a leap of 8 points from the June survey, and 60 percent believe the United States is in a state of decline.

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