No outrage over black-on-black violence?

I write in response to the rally in New London about the unfortunate shooting in Missouri. I think about the hundreds upon hundreds of black youth murdered on a regular basis in every major city in this country by other black youth. Where is the outrage? Where are the black leaders like Al Sharpton? Where are the marches in New London and other cities for that?

In Chicago, on Fourth of July weekend, there were 80 some odd shootings and many murders. Why isn't state Rep. Ernest Hewett and New London Mayor Finizio paying a lick of attention to that? It's all for political gain, that's why.

That young man in Missouri did not deserve to die, but he had just robbed a store and was walking in the middle of the road blocking traffic. Do you really think he surrendered peacefully? How does looting and robbing stores equate to wanting justice?

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