Thirty-six state senators are far too many

Recently the editorial page touched on the status of Sen. Andrew Maynard, "Sen. Maynard's status," (Aug. 12). After reading the following: "Sen. Maynard is very much a political figure, one of only 36 state Senators in Connecticut," I paused at what I know is the problem with our state. We only have 36 state senators? In my opinion that is about 28 too many for the size of our state!

Our public sector is bloated with personnel and bureaucracy and has been for decades. Years ago Gov. Lowell Weicker implemented a state income tax that was to be a temporary fix to budget problems. He was, in my opinion, the father of big government and soon, reality will set in, and the underfunded pension system and total lack of attention to the infrastructure of eastern Connecticut is going to come to a head with severe consequences.

Recall the saying, "That government is best which governs least." Given that truism, Connecticut is fast becoming the nation's worst-run state.

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