Israel's Hamas fight is for democracy

Bruce Shipman wrote a compelling op-ed, "Groton cleric reflects on generations of loss and dispossession," (Aug. 10 ), about Palestinians in Gaza. Unfortunately, it's riddled with blatant inaccuracies. His woeful story of "loss and dispossession" is a clever distortion of the truth with tragic implications. These are the facts: Palestinians who fled Israel in 1948 did so willingly, out of self-preservation, when Arab forces attacked Israel.

Gaza is controlled by Hamas, the terrorist organization that Gazans elected. If they're "confined," it's because Hamas forces them to stay, using them as human shields to gain world sympathy and protect their missiles stored in hospitals, schools and mosques. Any shortages of supplies are a result of Hamas whose jihadists attack the Kerem Shalom Crossing where humanitarian aid arrives from Israel. That's right, Israel. What country supplies aid to its enemy whose mandate calls for its destruction?

Shipman repeats another dangerous myth, that Hamas and the PLO are partners for peace. Hamas' charter states, "Muslims will fight the Jews and kill them." Government-controlled Palestinian schools and camps unabashedly teach children that killing Jews (and all infidels) is the loftiest aspiration.

Israel isn't only defending Israelis, it's fighting for democracy everywhere. How can we not support that?

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