Guilford Ready for a New School Year

New Guilford teachers and administrators gather in front of Guilford High School.
New Guilford teachers and administrators gather in front of Guilford High School.

As another school year kicks off, new Guilford teachers, social workers, and administrators are looking forward to working in the public school system.

The group recently completed orientation at Guilford High School.

Since most new school personnel will spend the beginning of the year getting acquainted with their new charges, Guilford Public Schools asks orientation members to share something about themselves, from favorite hobbies to interesting facts.

New principals were among the class. Doug Hammel is the principal at the Baldwin School. His favorite hobbies at kayaking, yard work, and spending "time with family.'' William Grimm, the new principal at the Calvin Leete School also is a kayaker and a musician.

Samatha Talmadge, who will be teaching music at Cox Elementary, comes well equipped to take on her new challenge. She worked as "professional singer and has performed all over, including in Italy.''

The new dean of students at the high school, Joel Rebhun, notes, as part of his past, "I was once in a Levi's TV commercial.''

There's a sports star among the new teachers: David Giglio, who will teach social studies at the high school, notes that he was a career .381 hitter and four-year starter at the University of Scranton.

Some of the new hires have come a long way to find Guilford. Karen Russo, who will teach math at the high school, grew up in the state of Alaska. Others work on favorite causes when they aren't at school. Lianne Soucy, who will teach 2nd grade at Calvin Leete, is a volunteer coordinator at a local animal shelter.

Modes of transportation vary for the new crew coming in, also. Gil Schaper, who will teach science to 6th graders at Baldwin, proudly notes that he "drives a 1985 Mercedez-Benz with 340,000 miles.''

There is even an Eagle Scout among the "class of 2014.'' William Wilson, who will teach language arts to 7th graders at Adams Middle School, carries that distinction.

Some had fun past jobs, including Ashley Davdish, who will be a school counselor at the high school. She "used to work at Walt Disney World!''

A common theme among all the new school personnel seems to be enjoying themselves. Jillian Kuraska, who will work in the Guidance Department and as a long-term substitute, said her favorite thing to do is "sing in the car!''


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