Superintendent's Welcome

Asure sign that summer vacation is over is that the wheels on the yellow buses are beginning to roll! Yes, it is time to return to school and we are looking forward to an exciting year for new discoveries, academic advancement, application of skills and development. Every year the district focuses on a theme. This year the theme and focus is on "developing a growth mindset"-that is the belief that through one's efforts and the provision of a positive classroom environment, a child can reach his or her highest potential.

It is our expectation that all of our children attending East Haven Public Schools will achieve a level of academic proficiency or beyond, demonstrating excellence in all aspects of their education. To assist them in fulfilling this expectation, we will challenge them to achieve grade-level expectations, to express themselves both in written language and oral presentation, to think critically, to solve problems through application, and to build character and self-confidence.

Families play a pivotal role in helping us to be successful! We want families to be involved in your child's education and ask that learning is reiterated at home by valuing the importance of education. Engage your child in conversations about what they have learned at school, encouraging them to read and use basic math skills, and most importantly, making sure they attend school on time and in dress code. By doing this, you will show them that school is a priority.

We will continue to transition to the Common Core State Standards as teachers' lessons engage students in focusing on higher-level skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening, language, and the eight standards of practice across all content areas. Also, our 3rd- through 8th graders will have Chromebooks this year to increase the collaborative learning environment that ensures equitable access to technology for all learners. Our high school is piloting both a hybrid physics course that is partially online and partially a hands-on laboratory experience, and capstone projects for our seniors in the Digital Arts and Science Academy. Joseph Melillo Middle School is under new leadership with a focus on transforming the perception and culture of the school. Preschool programs are growing as we add additional students to our School Readiness program. We are implementing changes in our facilities to increase safety and climate through the help of the security grant received from the state, as well as drafting a building plan that better utilizes our facilities making the educational programming fiscally manageable. There will be many new surprises released in the district this year, so stay tuned for our redesigned website and district app!


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