Don't blame Catala, he voted for Foye

The New London Board of Education made the right choice appointing Richard Foye the interim superintendent, though the decision arrives 11 years late.

In 2003, the board passed up on the opportunity to appoint Mr. Foye. Myself and Elizabeth Garcia Gonzalez voted to appoint Richard Foye as the superintendent. The rest of the board did not. I firmly believe had the Board of Education, back in 2003, appointed Mr. Foye, he would still be in that position today. He would have taken our school district much further than the two superintendents who have been in place since the board's mistaken vote in 2003.

Mr. Foye has the leadership qualities to move New London schools forward. I strongly encourage the current school board to make Mr. Foye the permanent superintendent. The time is now to make amends for the mistakes that happened during the recent search for a new superintendent and to make good for not appointing Richard Foye in 2003.

New London's children, staff, teachers, administrators and citizens deserve only the best and Mr. Foye brings the best to New London schools.

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