Shame on The Day for knocking noise law

Shame on you for belittling the efforts of a neighborhood seeking some peace and quiet! Your editorial, "Stonington seeks the sound of silence," (Aug. 26), on the proposed noise ordinance in Stonington is a shameful step down in what should be efforts to protect the little voices against the bullies of the world.

When the neighborhood failed to get action from the authorities (gee, conflict-of-interest?) they did what they had to do; seek to create a law to protect themselves. Noise abatement is not on the top of the list of priorities of law-enforcement; not glamorous, and lord help you if you decide to take the law in your own hands!

It was a good proposal. If you want to create a racket, buy a big piece of land, and knock yourself out! Think of all the noise issues: airports and airplanes, race tracks. Noise creates stress, stress creates anger, and usually those creating noise don't care about neighbors, they usually are inconsiderate bullies.

Again, shame on you for backing noise bullies. May you go live near them and listen to them 24/7!

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