Editorial didn't align with Stonington views

The editorial - "Small cost to protect our rich history," (Aug. 24) - endorsement of the Stonington Land Trust's request for over 50 percent of the town's open space fund to support purchasing a conservation easement on the Davis Farm is at odds with what residents want.

Respondents to the survey for the 2014 Plan of Conservation and Development showed:

• 89 percent want more bicycle and walking trails

• 79 percent want open space and nature preserves

• 77 percent want more park and recreation facilities

The editorial also only gives a partial picture what occurred for the Coogan Farm. The Sept. 23, 2013 minutes of the Conservation Commission (which Stanton Simm chairs) shows that an initiative by Commissioner Sheila Lyons to provide a token $10,000 to the Coogan Farm did not receive the commission's endorsement.

Other minutes also show the commission failed move forward a request by two former commission members for an unspecified amount of open space funding. The efforts "to be fair" failed miserably.

There is no argument that the Davis Farm is worthy of preservation. The question is should taxpayer dollars be used to help protect private property that will only have access on guided hikes two times per year?

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