Wrong to question use of service dog

Dear restaurant owner/store manager/supervisor of any other public building:

Do you remember me? I'm the person (one of many) who crosses your threshold with an important piece of medical equipment. This one doesn't have wheels or tubing. It isn't motorized.

In fact, it is my Service Dog. She has flown with me, shopped with me, joined me at Mass, and keeps me safe. I'm the person who had to face you or your hired representative as you told me that your business didn't permit "pets." I'm also the person who politely told you that she was a Service Dog, and was then asked to present her "paperwork."

Do you remember me telling you what the Americans with Disabilities Act states what we are entitled to, as well as what you are limited to ask? Yes, that was me. I was the one who had to leave and find someplace else to receive services because where I go, my Service Dog goes. Besides, you wouldn't want me to break the law by leaving her in a car, would you? Of course not.

Go here to find information that will make sure my rights are preserved and that you don't commit a federal civil rights violation: http://ct.gov/ag/cwp/view.asp?A=2130&Q=294616.

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