Coast Guard Museum location a bad idea

New London has a long standing reputation for mismanagement (see redevelopment, Pink House, etc.). However, locating the National Coast Guard Museum on the flood plain behind the railroad station takes the cake in the mismanagement contest. This site is wrong for more reasons than I can enumerate here. Consider flood plain versus high bed rock, traffic gridlock versus ample space, and misused riverfront versus historic precedents at Fort Trumbull.

At Fort Trumbull there is no need for a $20 million pedestrian bridge. Our taxpayers' dollars could be spent on a jitney linking the Fort Trumbull area with downtown, giving tourists an enjoyable ride and easy access to our multiple attractions. Attractions include the Shaw Mansion, Lyman Allyn Museum, the Custom House Maritime Museum, the Monte Cristo Cottage, the Hempstead Houses, and the Nathan Hale School. Perhaps a jitney ticket would entitle riders to reduced admission at the museums, or a discount for shoppers at local stores and restaurants.

Yes, of course the Coast Guard Museum should be located in New London, but do not hide the museum behind the Richardson Rail Road Station. This is an insult to both buildings.

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