Security system set to protect Mystic flag

The Mystic Flag Committee appreciates the offer of James Collins in his letter, "Protecting Mystic flag," (Aug. 25). This is another example of the kind of community support that we have received since the flag was stolen on Aug. 16.

For many years the flag on the Liberty Pole was raised and lowered at dawn and dusk by Archie Radiconi and then by Bob Cushman until, about 15 years ago, a 500-watt spotlight was installed on the sign of S & P Oyster Company's sign with a photo-cell automatically turning it on and off enabling the flag to be flown 24 hours.

The need for a security system has now become obvious and actions are underway to install such a system. In the meantime, our Flag Captain, Rich Dussault, will be raising and lowering the flag daily so it flies only during daylight hours.

Again, we commend Mr. Collins for his patriotic spirit.

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