Let's honestly discuss race issues and police

Turmoil on our streets, the rule of law has failed, cries of despair from the likes of Al Sharpton, Spike Lee, claiming America has declared war on black men.

How many were black-on-black crimes? Where was the looting, rioting, the New Black Panthers, when those crimes were committed?

It's time our nation had an honest conversation on race relations. Open the conversation to painful topics. What we are doing has not worked. Slavery broke apart the family unit for black families. Ask every successful black man/woman what helped them succeed, the answer will be family.

After WWII we had the Marshall Plan and saved Europe, it's time to save ourselves. Resources should go to family building. The federal and state government have thrown their combined weight in an effort to overwhelm a fair process in any trial of this officer, both criminal and civil.

It appears Michael Brown, a 6-foot, 4-inch 18-year-old, weighing nearly 300 pounds, assaulted an officer. The officer re-engaged him, as his training required, and in fear of his life, he stopped the threat.

Meanwhile, in Salt Lake City, Utah, a black police officer killed a white unarmed teenager.

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